Like thousands of others from around the country, Chris traveled to Chicago this May and attended the anti-NATO protests.

In a demonstration on Sunday evening, Chris was arrested along with several others in a barrage of police violence. In keeping with a precedent which had been set in the previous days, the City of Chicago is using Chris’ political beliefs as an excuse to set his bail at $250,000 $100,000 (reduced from initial cost).

He is being charged with trumped up charges of “aggravated battery on a police officer.” In light of all of this, we need to raise $25,000 $10,000 simply to get Chris free. Friends and loved ones from Atlanta are doing our best to coordinate the much-needed support for Chris.

More information will be coming soon, including an address to write Chris at, how to plug into the support committee, and fundraisers/demonstrations in solidarity with a loving friend.

For total freedom!

Christopher without his much-needed eye glasses 😦

The content on this page does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of Christopher French.


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  2. hey, just curious of what Chris would like to be reading in jail
    id suggest putting a requested book list up on this site.
    I assume that since he’s in a county jail he can only be sent books directly from a publisher, but Amazon counts, at least it has in other cases.

    • Hey! We are going to set up a “wish list” ASAP.
      Someone from Texas just sent Chris a copy of Giorgio Agamben’s “The Coming Community” which he is very excited to read. He likes Baudrillard, Foucault, Deleuze et al.

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