Pre-Trial Hearing Today

Christopher had a second hearing today; however, this was a pre-trial hearing where lawyers & prosecutors make their case for/against the defendant & the judge decides whether there is enough evidence to proceed to a grand jury trial.
There was no bond hearing today.
Chris’s defense requested another bond reduction hearing – Chris goes back to court Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 2:30 PM (two days from now) at Branch 42 – 2452 West Belmont – Chicago, Illinois 60618. Lawyers said that if a bond reduction is granted, it will likely be somewhere between $50,000 – $75,000 (which means we would need five to seven thousand to get him out – much more doable than 25k). They decided to wait to do the pre-trial hearing – neither prosecutor’s nor lawyer’s gave their cases, the judge decided to just reschedule it after the bond reduction hearing.
Although we do not seek to express support for the justice system, the judge from Christopher’s hearing today was relatively lenient. They will also be hearing the bond-reduction hearing in two days. 4 notarized character witness write-ups came in the mail today from some close friends and hopefully they will help in the coming days.

Please keep giving what you can, writing letters, and sharing like mad.

Solidarity with the St. Louis rebels…

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