Update: 11.25.2012

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated folks about the situation surrounding Chris. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Christ is not facing four months in boot camp if they were to take a guilty plea to four counts of felony aggravated battery, and one count of felony resisting arrest, as the lawyers first told us. Chris is facing two years in prison – with a recommendation for four months in boot camp, then an additional two years of probation. There is no guarantee they would get the recommendation. There is a 402 conference on November 28th where the judge may make another offer.

The situation has only become more and more precarious and it is becoming absolutely necessary to engage in a strategic engagement with this repression. Please keep your ears to the ground for updates on public meetings and further updates.

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UPDATE: Chris Released!

As of about 9pm on last Wednesday 8/8 Chris is free(er)!

After receiving several large anonymous donations, and a long bus ride, Chris was able to return to Atlanta.

This update comes a bit late because we have been extremely busy dealing with other legal issues Chris is facing here in Atlanta.

For now, the conditions’ of Chris’ bond have forced him to return to Chicago. His lawyers are working on loosening the conditions of his bond as much as possible. We will keep supporters updated.

Without the mutual-aid and material support of anarchists around the country, especially in the midwest and southeast, it is unlikely that Chris would be out of jail yet and it is probable that his time inside would have been much worse off.

Thanks and love forever.



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UPDATE: Chris Beaten by Guards; next hearing August 8th

We have gotten word that Chris has been severely beaten by prison guards. Sometime in the past week, Chris was pulled into a room by 2 prison guards who handcuffed his arms behind his back and used their batons, fists, and boots to beat him for an extended period of time. They also used pepper-spray at point blank range for several minutes while holding his eyes open. This was done in response to Chris not tucking in his shirt, supposedly.

This is unacceptable. Although incarceration is always terrible, we find this type of treatment to resemble torture.

Chris is in need of solidarity. Please write him letters of support and encouragement. It is probably best not to mention the beating in the letters because he may not receive them if you do.

Christopher French
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608
Furthermore, any gestures of solidarity could greatly lift Chris’s spirits.

Chris has another hearing on August 8th. If you are anywhere near Chicago, please consider attending. The location of the hearing, unfortunately, will not be released until the last minute – according to Chris’s legal counsel. Please check back for more updates as they come in.




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Fundraiser Party for Chris!





After the March Against Police Violence, come dance your heart away! Hunch punch for donations for Chris!

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And while there is a soul in prison,
Then I am not free

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Report-Back on Atlanta Fundraiser!

The June 16 fundraiser in Atlanta raised $920 for Chris!

Between the Atlanta bail fund and the Chicago Bail Fund, there is a lot of money raised and we are almost there.

Shirts for pre-order coming soon.

Thanks everyone so much for being so generous.

People in Atlanta should come to the Noise Demo tomorrow in solidarity with Georgia Hunger Striking prisoners.

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UPDATE 06.20.12

So today they decided to indict Chris after almost a month of detention. Essentially, that means they have decided that they are going to definitely press charges.

After almost a month in jail, Chris still needs a lot of support. Thanks so much for everyone who has helped him so far.

His next hearing is July 11th and 9am.

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